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Taylor Swift fans laud singer’s new sleek addition to wardrobe

Taylor Swift's new clothing addition makes headlines in Swiftie mania

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June 09, 2024
Taylor Swift's fans dubs new Eras Tour clothing as 'practical purpose'

Taylor Swift surprised fans by adding a stylish new accessory to her Eras Tour outfit during her Edinburgh, Scotland show on June 8.

The Bad Blood singer, 34, debuted a pair of sleek black gloves, which she wore with her custom Vivienne Westwood gown during the Tortured Poets Department segment of her performance at Murrayfield Stadium.

Swifties quickly noticed the new addition, with one fan speculating on social media that the gloves might serve a practical purpose.

"NEW BLACK GLOVES?!? Here’s my not-exciting theory: they’re for practical purposes," one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), alongside a photo of Swift sporting the gloves.

Taylor Swift fans laud singer’s new sleek addition to wardrobe

"It’s chilly in Edinburgh. TTPD is long and she dances very little until 'Broken Heart.' Her hands need to be warm to avoid another acoustic-set hand cramp. So, gloves. But fashionable ones!"

A similar notion was uploaded by another user on X, along with a video of Swift performing her most recent album's song But Daddy I Love Him.

"Taylor is now wearing black gloves during the TTPD set tonight after her hand cramped from the cold yesterday," the person wrote. "(As someone who isn’t used to this weather even though it’s warm for locals, same Taylor, same.) #EdinburghTStheErasTour."

According to Deadline, the singer-songwriter's first Edinburgh show on Friday, June 7, was momentarily halted due to the chilly temperatures.

"Oh God! Hand cramp!” she reportedly said. "I’m so sorry, everyone. This has never happened before, but my hand is frozen. I’m just going to warm it. I’m so embarrassed. My hand’s like a claw!"