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Kate Middleton beats 'Endgame' claims with 'power move'

Princess Kate is set to host Christmas Carol service on behalf of the Royal Family on Dec. 8

December 05, 2023
Kate Middleton beats Endgame claims with power move
Kate Middleton beats 'Endgame' claims with 'power move'

Meghan Markle infamous ‘biographer’ Omid Scobie’s claims have done nothing to taint Princess Kate’s image as she prepares to host Christmas Carol service on behalf of the Royal Family.

Reflecting on her unbridled popularity and appeal, PR and marketing expert Andrew Bosch heralded the Princess of Wales for truly embracing royal life and taking strides to take over monarchy as a Queen one day.

Kate’s Christmas Carol service is set to air on ITV on Dec. 8. The expert said, “What Kate has done brilliantly is elevating her status and position within the broader royal family brand.”

“Not necessarily consciously a power move, but she is positioning herself as a key member of the royal family and developing a brand in her own right,” Bosch shared.

He explained that the upcoming star-studded event will be a significant boost in the wife of Prince William’s already soaring popularity, noting, “everything she does elevates her brand, but it’s done in a very natural way, it isn’t forced.”

“She’s genuinely empathic and authentic and I think people are getting to know her better and they like it,” he continued.

“She’s shown great leadership, humanity, humility, humour, dignity, grace, all the characteristics that make for a great royal - she’s displaying them in bucket loads,” the expert added.

It comes after King Charles and Kate were named as the alleged royals who raised concerns over Prince Archie's skin color in Dutch version of Scobie's book, Endgame.