Monday December 04, 2023

'Billionaire' Princess Kate called 'tone-deaf' for asking for donations

Kate Middleton made a video appearance where she asked for donations

November 19, 2023
The Princess of Wales appeared in a video wearing a $400 silk shirt
The Princess of Wales appeared in a video wearing a $400 silk shirt

Kate Middleton was called out for being tone-deaf after the Princess of Wales emerged at a fundraising event wearing a $400 silk shirt.

While appearing in a pre-recorded clip for BBC’s Children in Need, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared wearing a puff-sleeved, royal blue silk shirt as the future Queen of England, who is worth $30 billion, ask the public to donate.

"Tonight is all about helping to support, champion, and empower all children to be the very best they can be, which is crucial for their future health and happiness," she said in the clip.

"It is vital that we nurture early childhood and why the sort of projects supported by Children in Need are so important."

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Following the release of the clip, critics flocked to the comments to throw shade at Prince William’s wife over her clothing as well as her net worth.

"A billionaire opening the Children In Need show on BBC. Asking society for donations. Tone deaf, @bbc…" one X user wrote.

"@BBC So Kate Middleton who owns several homes just popped up on #ChildrenInNeed, last year it raised about £20m. Or £354m less than we gave the royals to tart up Buckingham Palace. The hypocrisy is [sickening]."

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"I know families of disabled children who have gone without meals so their child can eat. So I take offense when Kate Middleton appears on @BBCCiN wearing a £315 blouse," writer Dan White wrote in a scathing post. 

"I hope Kate Middleton is going to announce a 10% cut in Royal funding from public taxes. Think how much that would raise for charity!" another user wrote.