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Eid Milad un Nabi on Sept 29 as Rabi ul Awal moon not sighted

12th Rabi ul Awal to be celebrated on Sept 29, Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Chairman Abdul Khabir Azad announces

By Zarmeen Zehra
September 16, 2023
A representational image. — AFP
A representational image. — AFP

ISLAMABAD: Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee on Saturday, announced that Rabi ul Awal moon for the Islamic year 1445AH was not sighted, meaning that the Islamic month will commence from September 17 (tomorrow), therefore marking the Eid Milad un Nabi (PBUH) on September 28.

Flanked by various Ruet-e-Hilal Committee members and religious leaders, Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad — Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Chairman — made the announcement after the committee assessed the credibility of moon sighting reports and concluded that the Rabi ul Awal moon was not sighted in any part of the country.

Members of both the Central and Zonal Ruet-e-Hilal Committees including Mufti Zameer Ahmed Sajid, Mufti Muhammad Iqbal Naemi, Mufti Abdul Salam Jalali, Allama Mustafa Haider Naqvi and others attended the meeting.

The committee assessed various moon sighting reports received from different parts of the country.

"The committee, with consensus, concluded that the month of Rabi ul Awal will commence on September 18 (Monday)," said Maulana Azad in a press conference after the meeting.

With the announcement Eid Milad un Nabi, which is celebrated on 12th Rabi ul Awal, will fall on September 29

The 12th Rabi ul Awal marks Eid Milad un Nabi which is celebrated all across the country with religious fervor and zeal. The day is marked by public processions, events and seminars shedding light on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Earlier, the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee chief rebuked the rumours circulating regarding the sighting of the Rabi ul Awal moon and clarified they received no reports from any parts of the country about the moon.