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Ishaan Khatter recalls Shahid Kapoor being 'father figure' to him

Ishaan Khattar recalls sweetest memory of his childhood

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March 30, 2023
Ishaan Khattar recalls sweetest memory of his childhood
Ishaan Khattar recalls sweetest memory of his childhood 

In a recent interview, Ishaan Khattar reveals that Shahid Kapoor has always been a father figure to him and he has even changed his diapers in childhood. Ishaan is half brother of Shahid.

Talking about their bond, he said, “He is the person who grounds me. He is a very rooted, grounded person. And he is very deep. It's a very big part of who he is.”

He further added, “We joke about it a lot, I call him 'Baba Sasha', but it's who he is and he is that one person in my life who is like a consistent male figure who has always kept me in check. I think he has felt very parental towards me also because he changed my diapers. He was nearly 15 years old when I was born and he didn't have an elder sibling. So he was that sibling for me. He is very much the quintessential elder brother in many ways. But he is also young at heart so we have a very unique relationship.”

He futher elaborated his relationship with Misha and Zain, Shahid’s kids. He said, “Of course, who wouldn't? So they have a lot of fun with me, I think. But, they are very smart kids. They are extraordinarily smart. Sometimes I can't believe the conversations I am having with them, specially Misha. They seem too smart for their age. I think what's remarkable for me is not just the IQ but when the kid is emotionally intelligent enough to feel or sense what an adult is feeling and try to correlate…that's just… bizarre to me. I learn a lot from them. I dote on them. I try not to (spoil them) because they have very good parents so I don't feel the pressure…”