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Cole Sprouse reveals he and twin brother Dylan were 'forced' to do acting by 'financially irresponsible' mother

Cole Sprouse opens up on acting young with twin brother due to financial instability at home due to mother's addiction habits

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March 10, 2023
Cole Sprouse reveals he and twin brother Dylan were forced to do acting by financially irresponsible mother

Cole Sprouse threw in some bombshells in his recent Call Her Daddy podcast interview, one which includes his mother "forcing" him and his twin brother Dylan Sprouse to pursue acting at a young age.

The Riverdale star revealed that he and his brother Dylan Sprouse were put in the acting business by parents Melanie Wright and Matthew Sprouse, to provide financial help.

As per Daily Mail, Cole, who also recalled his past relationship with co-star Lilli Reinhart, said that his mother had mental health and addiction issues, which resulted in financial challenges.

He told host Alex Cooper, "My mother was an incredibly wonderful and artistic woman, but she was financially the most irresponsible woman ever."

At the age of ten, the twin brothers were given in the custody of their father as their parents were divorced when they were one year olds.

"When my father was given forced custody, we had pretty much lost everything from the [earliest] parts of our career," the actor continued.

Addressing his mother's unstable state, he noted, "I think it was the consequence of some alchemy of addiction and mental instability, and it's probably the greatest wound in my life."

Cole, 30, added on, "My parents did not come from too much, and I have now been granted a life of, primarily, financial stability — and surplus in very many cases — that is the byproduct of working for 30 years and trading my childhood."

"I know there's definitely resentment. There's definitely some things I have to work through, but no. If I were given the same choice again, I'd probably do it again," he said in contrast.

Wearing a white button-up shirt and light wash denim jeans, Cole also told Cooper that their father wanted them to be "normal kids."

In a previous interview, the Five Feet Apart actor revealed, "My brother and I were put into acting when we were 8 months old by our mother because we needed money. I never made the decision to join the arts or acting specifically. And so it was never really my passion."