Thursday December 07, 2023

King Charles 'never read' news to protect himself: Prince Harry

King Charles III kept himself away from media frenzy, says Prince Harry

By Web Desk
February 01, 2023

King Charles III did not want to indulge himself in the harmful news information, says Prince Harry in his book.

The former Prince of Wales does not read papers and disturbing updates about the royal family and advices others to do the same.

The Duke of Sussex writes in memoir ‘Spare’: “He never read it. He read everything else, from Shakespeare to white papers on climate change, but never the news. (He did watch the BBC, but he’d often end up throwing the controller at the TV.)”

He adds: “The problem was, everyone else read it. Everyone in my family claimed not to, just like Pa, but even as they were making this claim to your face, liveried footmen were bustling around them, fanning every British newspaper across silver platters, as neatly as the scones and marmalades.”

This comes as Prince Harry talks about being affected by hearsay about himself in the news.