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Kamran Faisal was murdered, father says

- January 19, 2013 - Updated 05 PKT - From Web Edition

KHENAWAL: Abdul Hamid, the father of deceased National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Assistant Director, Kamran Faisal, says he leaves his son’s case for Allah the Almighty to decide, Geo News reported.


“Allah is the best judge for he is the omniscient. Allah knows better, but this is not a case of suicide, my son was murdered”, said he talking to Geo News.


Kamran Faisal, who was investigating rental power corruption case, was found dead at his residence Federal Lodge on Friday.


As per details, IG Islamabad Bani Yameen has said that body of deceased was found hanging from a fan. Apparently it looks like a suicide but nothing can be said for certain until after the postmortem. His dead body was shifted to PIMS for postmortem.


His hometown, Mian Chunnu, plunged into mourning as the news of his mysterious death struck his family like a lightning bolt.


Kamran’s father told Geo News that his son had never shared his professional affairs with his family, but the case he handling was too big for anyone to avoid mental strain.


Referring to his telephonic conversation a day before his nephew’s death, his uncle, Dr Tariq Masood, said Kamran sounded perfectly normal over the phone.


“He was completely himself during the whole phone call. He did not seem to be under any stress”, said he.


Kamran’s cousin, Mohammad Afzal, said virtually no one working on such a high profile could stay immune from the pressure that mounted big time after the latest court proceedings, but having nerves of steel, he knew very well how to cope with it.


“Kamran would do anything but not commit suicide. That’s something we know for sure. He was killed. And there was no doubt about it” a tearful Afzal added.


His family has requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the mysterious killing.


Kamran was appointed in the NAB in 2006 and served in Quetta till May 2011. In May 2011, Kamran opted for joining the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). However, he returned to the NAB during his lien period in May 2012, where he continued to serve until his death.


Kamran has survived a wife and two daughters.


The Chairman and all NAB officers expressed their deepest condolences and sympathized with the family and prayed to Allah Almighty to rest the soul in eternal peace.

Reader Comments
This poor father is shocked, he needs help to come back in his senses. The civil society needs to help him. He says that his son has been murdered, so the civil society needs to assist him in lodging FIR and helping in conduct of judicial proceedings. The consciencious lawers may take the case without any remuneration and help the poor father

Faisal is murdered by powerful mafia led by Raja Rental, Fasih, Zardari. God rest Faisal soul in peace and give sakoon to his family. I think no one can challenge the Pakistani Bureaucracy, Police and corrupt leaderships. Middle class will fed them but their hunger cannot be satisfied.. Murder of Hamza Ellahi by the Shan Khusro, son of the powerful assistant federal secretary and of Jehanzeb by Shahrukh, Talpur’s will get true justice, if the murderer will be hanged publically?

A mother
Shame on every Pakistani citizen (including me) to bear this horrible injustice. Salam to the great soul of Kamran who is the real son of soil, he should be awarded Hilal-e-Jurrat for standing against immense pressure. Rental Raja and Zardari mafia are the worst animals on this earth, a dirty worthless spot on the face of Islam, Pakistan and Decmocracy. Shame on the corrupt people of Pakistan to elect such corrupt leaders!

It is obvious who killed him. Now, it's time for supreme court to take serious action. Otherwise, such murders will continue.

This is TRAGIC and will not go down well for the accused in the rental power corruption case. Salams for 2013

N Habib
- a clear message / warning to ALL future investigators, who might be tempted to investigate powerful people. Mr. zar-dari no one is your equal. you are unique.

True Pakistani
Pakistani's abroad are stunned to hear the sad news. WE offer our heartfelt condolence to Mr. Abdul Hamid, the father of deceased National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Assistant Director, Kamran Faisal. It is obvious that Kamran Faisal has been murdered by one of the accused of rental power corruption case. Raja Rental is the MAIN accused in the case. However, I have no doubt that Allah (SWT) is the best judge for he is the omniscient. The murderers cannot escape punishment.

Syed Ahmed
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