Monday September 26, 2022

Districts put on alert against polio virus

By Our Correspondent
August 03, 2022

LAHORE:Punjab Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) coordinator Ms Syeda Ramallah Ali has asked District Health Management Team (DHMT) to stay alert against polio virus to avoid any risk of virus’ return in the province.

The EOC coordinator voiced the concern at meetings held with the Sargodha division DHMT on Tuesday. She chaired back-to-back meetings in Sargodha and then travelled to Mianwali to meet with the DHMT. Commissioner of the Sargodha division Dr Irshad Ahmad and polio eradication partners also participated in the meeting. While Sargodha team was present in person, the remaining three districts of the division joined on video link.

The EOC coordinator briefed the participants about results of the last National Immunization Days (NID) held in May, the shortcomings identified through data analysis and the planned sweep activity to be held in Esa Khel, Mianwali.

The head of the polio programme highlighted the importance of vaccination of children on the move and said that teams, especially in Bhakkar and Mianwali, needed to be alerted on the transit points.

“The transit points have been set up to ensure ring fencing of children against the polio virus. Parents need to cooperate with teams deployed at the transit points”, the Punjab polio programme head stressed.

Referring to the ongoing vaccination activity under way in Esa Khel, Mianwali, Ms Ramallah directed the district health administration to focus on conducting quality of the vaccination activity so that immunity of children is boosted and they are protected against the crippling polio virus. During the activity from August 1-5, over 27,000 children will be administered polio drops. Union councils, which are part of the campaign, include Eesa Khel, Afghan Camp, Khuglan Wala and Qamar Mashane. In addition, 5,300 children belonging high-risk communities between 4-59 months will be given injectable polio vaccine.

She cautioned that the ongoing virus circulation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ran the risk of spreading to neighboring areas if prompt action was not taken. “This sweeping activity will help bridge immunity gaps before the next NID starting in August”, said Ms Ramallah.