Thursday July 07, 2022

List of banned import items

May 20, 2022

1. Mobile Phones

2. Home Appliances

3. Fruits and Dry Fruits

(except from Afghanistan)

4. Crockery

5. Private Weapons & Ammunition

6. Shoes

7. Chandeliers & Lighting (except Energy Savers)

8. Headphones & Loudspeakers

9. Sauces, Ketchup etc.

10. Doors and Window Frames

11. TravellingBags and Suitcases

12. Sanitary ware

13. Fish & Frozen Fish

14. Carpets (except from Afghanistan)

15. Preserved Fruits

16. Tissue Paper

17. Furniture

18. Shampoos

19. Automobiles

20. Confectionary

21. Luxury mattresses & sleeping bags

22. Jams & Jelly

23. Cornflakes

24. Bathroom ware / Toiletries

25. Heaters / Blowers

26. Sunglasses

27. Kitchen ware

28. Aerated water

29. Frozen Meat

30. Juices

31. Pasta etc.

32. Ice cream

33. Cigarettes

34. Shaving Goods

35. Luxury Leather Apparel

36. Musical Instruments

37. Saloon items like hair dryers etc.

38. Chocolates,

Source PMO


    Haseeb commented 2 months ago

    Is any person can bring some chocolates & other items when he comes back to Pakistan?

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      Fatima Kramet commented 4 weeks ago

      Bans only make sense if we are havw the capabilities of manufacturing all items mentioned. This would give Pakistan a chance to grow their industries.

      Usman Ashraf commented 3 weeks ago

      Agreed with Fatima Kramet ...these guys which occupied seats in assembly are duffers "

    can i import whey protein ? and medicine? commented 2 months ago

    can someone try to import

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    Ali commented 2 months ago

    Why would they ban headphones they are needed for mixing and mastering music and Pakistan does not make any headphones that are good or standardized they are killing a lot of industries with these bans just ban luxury items

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    Muhammad Anwar commented a month ago

    Can dates be brought from Saudi Arabia after performing Umra?

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    Travelling Bags and Suitcases ? commented a month ago

    Travelling Bags and Suitcases, I hope that they don't take away the one with the Travelers, will they? as I am really confused.

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    waqid ullah commented a month ago

    Stupid decision, Really shameful

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    Sikandar commented a month ago

    What about personal laptop?

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    Sikandar commented a month ago

    Can I bring personal laptop?

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    ahmed commented a month ago

    can I still order computer parts from amazon?

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    Shehir Yar commented a month ago

    what about gold/jewellery from Abroad????

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