Monday October 18, 2021

Soil fertility declining in south Punjab

September 25, 2021

MULTAN: Agriculture experts Friday said soil fertility was declining rapidly in South Punjab. Chairing a meeting, South Punjab Additional Secretary Agriculture Task Force Barakullah Khan said soil fertility issue is a serious challenge and it would result in decline of production of crops. He said excessive and continuous use of fertilisers and pesticides was the main reason behind the decline in soil fertility.

The agriculture experts briefed the meeting that excessive use of chemical fertilizers was reducing pH of acid soils. They said the use of organic manures moderate soil pH. The agricultural scientists briefed the participants about the pH level of agricultural lands in South Punjab and other chemical elements present in the soil. The secretary said long term effects of chemical fertilizers are also the main reason in this regard. The meeting was told that continuous and misuse of chemical fertilizers had increased pH level of soils in south Punjab more than 7.5. that is dangerous for healthy agriculture.