Saturday September 25, 2021

KMC asked to train manpower to operate new fire engines

July 09, 2021

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has said that it is obligatory upon the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to provide qualified drivers and manpower to operate the modern fire engines that have been made available for the city by the federal government.

Ismail said this on Thursday as he inaugurated the new fire station at the Korangi Association of Trade & Industry. Speaking at the inauguration, the governor recalled that the city had desperately required modern fire engines, and the need had been fulfilled by none other than Prime Minister Imran Khan himself.

Ismail said that the minimum wage of labourers should remain uniform all across the country. He also said that the performance of the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board was similar to the experience of watching a tragic film. The governor said that the improvement in the overall situation of law and order in the city had been helpful in stabilising the economic situation and restoring the confidence of the concerned traders and industrialists.

He said that more effective steps were required to be taken for encouraging industrialists and capitalists to enhance their business activities. He assured the concerned industrialists that the industrial units in the province would be provided with uninterrupted supply of natural gas.

Ismail said the privatised K-Electric would also make sure to provide uninterrupted electricity to the industries of the city. He said that K-Electric had also been directed to build the required infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted electricity to industrial units in the city.

He said the PM was completely aware of the need to improve the civic infrastructure of Karachi to build the city as the economic hub of the country should be. He also said that tree cover had to be increased in the industrial hubs to combat the issue of environmental pollution.

He added that the relevant quarters should support the efforts of the government to promote green cover in the densely populated urban areas. Governor Ismail stressed that the 10 billion tree tsunami programme that was envisioned by PM Khan had been recognised the world over.