Wednesday December 08, 2021

Lahore District Assembly today at all costs: PML-N

By Ali Raza
June 17, 2021
Lahore District Assembly today at all costs: PML-N

LAHORE: Local body representatives of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) are ready to hold the third meeting of the District Assembly for the year 2021 in Town Hall on Thursday (today).

They have warned the Punjab government against blocking their way as it will be a contempt of court. Lord Mayor Col (Retd) Mubashar has circulated the agenda of the third meeting among the members of the house and also sent copies to the officers of MCL as well as the Provincial Local Government secretary and the registrar of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Col (Retd) Mubashar has warned that the local body members of the PMLN will not allow the Punjab government to stop them from holding the third meeting. He said he will also open his office in the Town Hall on Thursday (today).

“I am not afraid of the Punjab government and I will claim my legal and constitutional right at every cost. I will open my office as well as District Assembly Hall on Thursday (today) at any cost,” he said this while talking to the scribe. He said he has directed all the local body members of the PMLN to reach Town Hall and their attendance will be marked there. He said if the government tried to stop them, they will enter inside the hall at any cost.

As per the copy of agenda available to the scribe, the Mayor has directed all the members of Lahore’s local bodies to gather at the Town Hall where the third meeting of the District Assembly will take place at 11am.

He has mentioned that the meeting of District Assembly is being convened in the light of the Supreme Court order of March 25. The SC had ordered restoring the local bodies while a copy of the proceedings of June 3 meeting had been provided to the Local Government secretary and relevant departments.

As per the agenda of the third meeting, the Mayor has directed the Chief Metropolitan Officer (Infrastructure) to provide details of ongoing development schemes in the city. He said that despite being informed in writing, officers of MCL had not attended the District Assembly meeting held on June 3, 2021.

In the agenda, he has also sought details from the MCL Finance Director of the total income and expenditure during the year 2020-21, expenses and income after March 25, 2021 and budget 2021-22.

He has also directed the Municipal Officer (Infrastructure) to provide details of development schemes initiated during the year 2020-21 along with expenses, non-development fund for the fiscal year 2020-21 and expenses and income after March 25, 2021.

During the upcoming meeting, the elected representatives of District Assembly Lahore will submit their suggestions on the budget 2021-22 and details of those suggestions will be submitted to the MCL Chief Officer. The Lord Mayor will also address the District Assembly. Copies of the agenda were also sent to the Punjab Chief Secretary, Lahore Commissioner, Chief Corporation Officer and all MCL officers.