Wednesday December 08, 2021

‘Minorities’ protection one of top priorities’

January 23, 2021

LAHORE: Inspector General Police Punjab (IGP) Inam Ghani has said that protection of minority citizens is one of the top priorities of the Police. He expressed these views while addressing a six-member delegation of minority citizens. The delegation included Khalid Shehzad, Director, Dorothya Centre for Special Children, Leo Paul Bishop of Multan, Romana Bashir, representative of Pop Interfaith, Kalyan Singh, Kalyan, Prof GCU Research Scholar Asif Aqeel and Advocate Atif Jameel. He said that the Punjab Police was maintaining the norm of recruitment under the quota for minorities and the recruitment of minority citizens in all the allotted seats should be ensured on priority basis so that other minority citizens, including Christians, Sikhs and Hindus may become part of the recruitment process to get jobs in the police force.