Thursday November 30, 2023

Cycle of violence

September 22, 2023

Domestic abuse is a public subject that needs immediate attention; it is not a private matter. This issue cuts beyond social, economic, and cultural barriers; it is not limited to a particular population. Children who witness this violence run the risk of developing mental and behavioural issues in the long run. If we do not act decisively, the cycle of violence may continue for decades. In order to stop the pattern, prevention and intervention must take precedence over dealing with the fallout. Laws and law enforcement are essential in combating domestic abuse, but they cannot end it on their own.

We require a multifaceted strategy that includes cultural change, support systems, education, and awareness. Programmes that teach children about respectful behaviour, good relationships, and effective communication must be included in our educational institutions’ curricula from an early age. We can equip the next generation to reject violence and advance equality by promoting these principles.

Zainab Arif Khan