Sunday October 01, 2023

Traders in Tirah valley seek facilities

September 20, 2023

TIRAH: The Insaf Traders Association in Tirah valley on Tuesday asked the government to solve their problems at the earliest. Talking to The News, Insaf traders Association, Tirah, president Sher Mohammad Afridi said that around 2,500 traders in various bazaars in the remote Tirah valley had been facing a host of problems. “We are facing many difficulties. Though the government conducted a survey of 1800 shops in different bazaars, around 140 owners were given Rs0.3 million compensation cheques,” he said.

He demanded the government to re-launch the survey and increase the compensation amount from Rs0.3 million to Rs2 million for each shop. Sher Muhammad said that the streets of Lar Bagh markaz, Bar Bagh and Pir Mela bazaars in Maidan should be paved and the protection wall constructed on the banks of the river in bazaars.

“Due to heavy rains, the river overflows as the water enters the shops and markets and causes huge losses to shopkeepers and traders,” he said.

“The traders and shopkeepers are demanding the establishment of banks along with ATMs to facilitate the local people,” he urged. He said two terminals had been established for vehicles but there were no facilities for the passengers there.

Sher Muhammad added the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government had allocated funds for the beautification of the bazaars in Tirah when the work was stopped. He maintained that there was no market in Lar Bagh, Bar Bagh and Pir Mila areas, asking the government to establish utility stores in three bazaars in the Maidan area.

He said that the local vegetable sellers were also facing problems and urged the government to build a vegetable market in Bagh markaz. “There is no slaughter house in Tirah,” he said, adding that local butchers and people wanted the government to set up a slaughterhouse,” said Sher Muhammad.