Tuesday December 05, 2023

GOC, Tesco chief executive join hands to address NW’s electricity woes

May 29, 2023

MIRANSHAH: General Officer Commanding 7th Division Major General Naeem Akhtar and chief executive Tribal Electric Supply Company (Tesco) Qazi Tahir have joined forces to address the pressing concerns of the public about electricity supply and construction in North Waziristan tribal district.

The meeting, held in Peshawar, marked a pivotal moment in the quest to resolve grievances related to the alleged corruption and transparency issues surrounding North Waziristan electricity since 2014 when a military offensive, Zarb-e-Azb, also called the mother of all military operations so far undertaken in Pakistan, was launched in the tribal district.

Major General Naeem Akhtar shed light on the public’s frustrations, emphasising the urgent need for a thorough investigation into the construction process in North Waziristan. Grateful for the cooperation and support of Tesco chief Qazi Tahir, Major General Naeem Akhtar commended their joint commitment to expeditiously resolve these issues.

In a resounding display of accountability, Tesco chief Qazi Tahir pledged to personally address the challenges at hand. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the situation, a specialized team will be deployed to North Waziristan, tasked with conducting an in-depth review to identify and rectify the existing problems.

Tesco’s unwavering dedication to delivering transparent and reliable electricity services reflects their commitment to the people of Waziristan. Major General Naeem Akhtar stressed the paramount importance of fulfilling the public’s demands for consistent electricity supply and swift completion of ongoing construction projects. Reassuring the public of the government’s unwavering dedication, he pledged to take all necessary measures to ensure a seamless and timely resolution.

Encouraging active collaboration between the public, government, and Tesco, Major General Naeem Akhtar urged citizens to unite in pursuit of a common goal - the resolution of these pressing issues. Recognizing the shared commitment to the welfare of the people, he emphasized the government’s steadfast resolve to deliver sustainable solutions that will improve the lives of the citizens of Waziristan.

The strategic alliance between the military and Tesco represents a transformative approach to address public grievances and foster transparency in critical infrastructure projects. The collective determination of Major General Naeem Akhtar and Tesco Chief Executive Qazi Tahir signifies their shared vision of progress, prosperity, and improved livelihoods for the resilient people of North Waziristan.