Saturday January 28, 2023

Poetry with great imagery and a playful tone

November 07, 2022

Nudrat Sheikh’s poetry book Meray Khawab invites contemplation and recognition of our shared humanity. It is a measured poetry book containing pieces about daily emotional struggles.

She uses plain language to explore the complex challenges of life. Unusual imagery and pleasing musicality enhance the messages of her poems making the poetry’s emotional impact stronger.

The readers cannot erase the impression of what they read; it is unlikely to happen. Instead, they continue to live with this. The overarching theme of the poetry book is love.

Nudrat’s poetry springs from the stages of life: childhood, young adulthood, marriage, and motherhood. The subject matter includes spirituality and relationships with the Creator, personal relationship challenges, self-knowledge, and tragic environmental degradation resulting from human greed.

Most of her poems are like quick snapshots, slices of life that most readers will connect with, especially those who share their experiences with friends.

They feel the warm sunshine and a chill in the air and relate to the references that only a nature lover can understand. Nudrat’s attention to detail in her observations is what pulls you into the poems.

Her phrasing is beautiful, the imagery full of life and meaning. She makes poetry look easy, and it sounds easy and breezy on the ears, lyrical, and perfectly constructed.

One of the aspects that I liked about this poetry book is the variety of rhymes and themes found in her poems. Each verse in this book is like a light and pleasant breeze that I welcomed and enjoyed as it tingled my senses.

It is a mesmerizing book having inventive, beautiful, imaginative, refined, and deep poetry. The poems are brief and each word counts in these poems, including the titles. It is a pleasant read. Its topics also include the reach of human love.

A beautifully crafted book of poems provides you with a new yet compelling insight into the true nature of your feelings. Nudrat writes every word with charming honesty, and each poem is the result of emotions that are all personal to her and from her very soul.

She paints a stunning, vivid picture of how most of us unconsciously respond when we are in the presence of someone we genuinely admire and like.

This poetry makes the reader remember some of the most beautiful moments he/she personally experienced when in love.

Nudrat has been pouring her heart out onto the pages through her enrapturing verses. Meray Khawab is a book of romance poems she started writing as an adolescent until now.

Through these intimate verses, Nudrat opens her heart to the world, displaying how the passage of time changes a person’s perspective on love and life. These poems touch upon different stages that a person undergoes while being in love. This is a powerful book.