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Angelina Jolie worries Brad Pitt dating life may affect their kids: Insider

Angelina Jolie does not care who her ex-husband Brad Pitt dates, reveals source

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September 30, 2022

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Angelina Jolie reportedly does not care who her ex-husband Brad Pitt dates; however, she is concerned that it might have an impact on their kids’ life.

An insider spilled to Hollywood Life that the Maleficent actor is aware of her Bullet Train actor’s new romance with Emily Ratajkowski.

“Angelina’s aware of the rumors linking Brad to Emily, of course the news caught her eye, but it’s not a big concern for her,” the insider told the outlet.

“Because the only thing that matters to her when it comes to Brad’s dating life is how it will affect her kids,” the source added.

“Angelina has a policy to ignore stories in the press about Brad and who he may or may not be dating,” shared the source.

The insider went on to add that his dating life would only become a concern for her if Pitt and his partner were getting serious enough to get involved with the family.

“The day he comes to her and says he plans to introduce someone to their kids she will pay attention but until then it’s really of no interest to her,” the source explained.

On the other hand, Pitt worries that his ex-wife will “badmouth him to their kids, more than she already has if he has a serious girlfriend," a source told Page Six.