Thursday September 29, 2022

Prince Harry’s UK trip ‘depends’ on Queen Elizabeth’s invitation: Details

Prince Harry chances of meeting the Queen during his trip to the UK completely depend on the monarch

By Web Desk
August 17, 2022

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A royal expert has suggested that the likelihood of Prince Harry meeting the Queen during his trip to the UK next month completely depends on the monarch.

Talking to MailOnline, royal author Phil Dampier said: “Whether Harry meets the Queen will probably depend on her.”

He then went on to suggest that Harry and Meghan might travel to the Scottish Highlands to visit the Queen if she invites them.

He added: “If she tells them she wants to see them I'm sure they will pop in for a chat. I'm sure she would hope the relaxed atmosphere there (Scotland) would be more conducive to talking things through and trying to solve the problems they all face.”

Dampier then stated: “Meghan won't like the hunting, shooting and fishing environment of the Highlands but the Queen would feel much more comfortable meeting them there rather than a rushed meeting in London.”