Monday September 26, 2022

Simon Cowell mourns death of former 'AGT' contestant Nolan Neal

Neal's death was announced last month. He died at the age of 41

By Web Desk
August 09, 2022

Simon Cowell has mourned the death of former America's Got Talent contestant, Nolan Neal who passed away at the age of 41, last month.

Cowell shared his thoughts on the tragedy with PEOPLE as he was quoted saying, "Unfortunately, it happens too much over the years," Cowell, 62, says ahead of AGT's live shows on Tuesday.

"I was thinking about this the other day. People [who] passed too soon. Every time it happens, because you've gotten to know them, it's horrible."

"At that moment, it's like, 'What can I say?'" he notes. "The unfortunate thing is it's happened too many times and every time it happens, it's hard."

Referencing the February death of fellow AGT contestant Nightbirde, who was also his Golden Buzzer selection in season 16, Cowell says: "After the last three years, it's been tough. And then, you think everything's okay and then something hits you like a story like that and it's hard."

"But all I can say is, what I've learned from this, is that you just take every day as it is and you try and stay positive, you try and stay healthy," he adds. "That's it. I mean, I was talking about this to someone earlier on, you're never prepared for these days."

The Nashville-based artist died on July 18, and Neal's cousin Dylan Seals confirmed to the news outlet that he was found dead in his apartment.

The exact cause has not yet been determined by authorities, but Seals told PEOPLE that he "ultimately succumbed to his battle with substance abuse."