Friday August 19, 2022

Prince Harry ‘no longer part of the real world’ amid Meghan Markle ‘addiction’

Experts warn Prince Harry ‘no longer resides in the real world’ with Meghan Markle

By Web Desk
August 03, 2022

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Prince Harry warned of an incoming serious challenge that lies ahead, in light of his inability to ‘live in the real world’ with people.

Astrologer Jessica Adams made this admission during her interview with Express UK.

She addressed the future of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship adding how, “Set for September 15, 1984, at 4.20 pm in Paddington shows Venus in Libra.”

Due to this, “He will always be drawn to complicated relationships and expect intrigue, in-laws, drama and jealousy to be part of the mix - it provides the passion."

She also added before concluding, “He is also strongly Scorpio (his father, Charles is a Sun Scorpio) with Pluto, Saturn and the Midheaven in the sign of sex, property, valuables, charity and money.”

“The other thing to say about Harry is that he is a born explorer, traveller and student of life.

"He has a Sagittarius chart signature, despite being a Virgo, which suggests foreigners and foreign countries will always deliver what he wants; a total escape from the real world and tremendous excitement."