Thursday June 08, 2023

Amber Heard’s only ‘option’ to avoid Johnny Depp ‘extreme’ payback laid bare

Amber Heard reportedly has three options available if she wishes to push back against rejection

By Web Desk
July 17, 2022

Amber Heard currently stands with ‘three viable options’ if she chooses to move forward with her life after losing the bid for a retrial.

These options have been put forward by lawyer Richard Mitry, who and according to Sky News, believes the actor has just three options at her disposal after being denied in the appeal.

He was quoted telling the outlet, “There’s talk about a potential appeal.”

So “She might do that now that the retrial attempt has failed, that would be an appeal to a higher court to test what she would see were errors in the original hearing.”

“Whether she does so or not, we’ll soon see,” especially since this might be the only way forward.

This comes after the lawyer pointed out how the only three ways forward include either, filing for another appeal, paying Johnny Depp back in full, no matter the cost, or filing for bankruptcy.