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Jennifer Lopez refuses to perform on TV for THIS reason

Jennifer Lopez denies performing on Top of the Pops show until her petty demand was fulfilled

By Web Desk
June 30, 2022

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Jennifer Lopez refused to perform on Top of the Pops  show until her demands were fulfilled, Dannii Minogue reveals. 

Discussing the “diva stories,” the Australian singer – actor recalled the time on her podcast The 90s when J.Lo demanded that everything in her room should be white.

"And while you hear those diva stories, there is one I can actually vouch for,” Minogue said before narrating the amusing tale.

"I was at Top of the Pops and was told Jennifer Lopez was on her way, but she refused to perform unless her backstage room was redecorated,” the 50-year-old revealed.

"I was told everything had to be white, including the sofa. I asked to go in and see the room as she wasn't there in that moment... I was lapping up every detail," she said with a laugh.

Minogue then added that she wondered why the Marry Me actor would want her room all-white considering the body make-up performers often wear.

"All I could think was, ‘Girlfriend is covered head to toe in body makeup. How do you sit on a white couch?’” she joked.