Monday August 08, 2022

Kanye West wants to be declared ‘dead for a year’ amid split from Kim Kardashian

Kanye West reappeared in the spotlight after he flew under the radar amid breakup from Kim Kardashian

By Web Desk
June 27, 2022


Kanye West reappeared in the spotlight at the 2022 Bet Awards after he flew under the radar amid a split from Kim Kardashian.

During his appearance at the star-studded event in Los Angeles on Sunday, the Donda 2 rapper presented Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

West hit the stage with his face covered with a black mask, hat and sunglasses during his homage to the 52-year–old legend.

The hip-hop star said, “I go to him for advice to this day. He inspires so many of my choices, so many of my life choices - my wife's choices - thanks for that, Puff.”

Referring to his turbulent year amidst a custody battle with the Skims mogul, the rapper weighed in on taking ‘a little hiatus’.

“I just want to declare myself legally dead for a year,” but had to reappear on the scene to honour Diddy.

West continued, “I said, ‘I just want to be off the grid,’ and Puff is pretty persistent, but I had to think, bro, it's like, people get amnesia - as I should never have Puff have to ever call more than one time.”

“Any of us in this room if Puff ever need us, we need to jump and be there,” West added.

“This man has been through [and] survived a lot of stuff and broke down a lot of doors so we can be standing ... he broke down so many doors of classism, taste, swag. Puff, if I never told you, I love you, you're my brother,” the rapper added.