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BTS' Jimin says he felt like 'wronging the fans': Here's why

BTS member Jimin said he lost his passion since pandemic broke out

By Web Desk
June 18, 2022
BTS Jimin says he felt like wronging the fans: Heres why
BTS' Jimin says he felt like 'wronging the fans': Here's why

BTS member Jimin recently expressed going through a tough time when the septet called off its concert. 

During his conversation with Weverse Magazine, the Filter singer said, “I felt sort of guilty the past two years. After that first day of the LA concert, I felt like I had been wronging the fans this whole time somehow since our concerts kept getting cancelled.”

The 26-year-old singer expressed that he lost his passion since their fans couldn’t see them despite the unconditional wait.

“I really started to ask myself what I had been doing that whole time. We sang ‘Permission to Dance’ and greeted ARMY at the concert but it was weird how emotional it felt despite the song being so upbeat,” said the Inner Child crooner.

The well-known dancer also weighed in on being an idol in the South Korean pop industry. 

“The word ‘idol’ means something different to everyone, plus I think Koreans see it in an entirely different way, but anyway, you’re right to say that’s where I started,” he said.

“To be honest, I can do the things I do individually, even now, because of being in BTS, and I don’t think that’s going to change since I got my start as an idol,” Jimin added.