Tuesday August 09, 2022

Johnny Depp laughs as bodyguard compares actor's use of alcohol to that of Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp’s bodyguard Malcolm Connolly testified on Thursday

By Web Desk
April 29, 2022

Johnny Depp  was spotted laughing as his bodyguard compared his use of alcohol and drugs to the Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow.

Depp’s bodyguard, Malcolm Connolly testified on Thursday about changes in Depp’s mood under the influence of a substance.

“He has an extremely high tolerance for any substance,” Connolly said.

Jack Sparrow is more inebriated than Johnny Depp, in my opinion.”

As per reports, Depp, who helmed the famed character on Disney’s franchise, was seen laughing after his bodyguard’s remarks.

Connolly, who has been providing services to Depp and his family since 2006, also said that the actor’s alcohol consumption has dropped dramatically in the last couple of years.”

“He’s not а big drinker аny longer….in the 25 yeаrs I’ve known Johnny, I’ve only seen him drunk twice,” Connolly said.

The ongoing million-dollar lawsuit was filed by Depp against Heard over a 2018 op-ed piece she penned for the Washington Post, claiming to have experienced domestic violence during marriage.