Monday December 11, 2023

Prince William, Harry more like ‘haunted funeral directors’ at royal events: report

Prince William, Prince Harry ‘looking like haunted funeral directors’ during joint royal engagements

By Web Desk
April 11, 2022

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Body language experts have made a shocking revelation regarding Prince William and Prince Harry’s joint royal engagements and find the duo to look more like ‘haunted funeral directors’.

This claim has been made by body language expert Judi James and in her interview with Express UK, she found the duo to be ‘more like a stone’.

She explained that there are “still traces of their signature body language mirroring when they are together,” and this may hint toward “deeper ties” that still “bind them,” but their faces ‘tell a different story’ in the eyes of the expert.

She went on to explain, “William often adopts the pose and expressions of sadness you might expect of a funeral director.”

Harry on the other hand seemed to have a “haunted eye expression,” and his “signals of agitation and anxiety [spoke] volumes”