Friday May 20, 2022

Evan Rachel Wood makes shocking allegations of sexual assault against Marilyn Manson

Wood accused her ex-fiancé Marilyn Manson of ‘horrifically abusing her’ for years last year

By Web Desk
January 24, 2022

American actor, Evan Rachel Wood recently revealed more shocking details of alleged sexual assault by Marilyn Manson in new documentary, Phoenix Rising – Part I: Don't Fall.

The Westworld actor accused her ex-fiancé Brian Warner (famously known as Marilyn Manson) of ‘horrifically abusing her’ for years in an Instagram post last year.

Now the 34-year-old activist’s new film, premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, shared that she was sexually abused during filming of the music video of Manson’s 2007 song Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand).

She said, “We’re doing things that were not what was pitched to me.”

“Once the cameras were rolling, he started penetrating me for real,” the actor explained. “I had never agreed to that. I’m a professional actress, I have been doing this my whole life, I’d never been on a set that unprofessional in my life up until this day.”

The Barefoot actor further detailed her ‘traumatizing experience’ stating that she had no idea to get vocal about the act and seek help at the time.

“I felt disgusting and like I had done something shameful, and I could tell that the crew was very uncomfortable and nobody knew what to do,” she added.