Sunday December 05, 2021

Prince George’s future ‘limited inherently’ by ‘devastating realization’

Experts address Prince George’s ‘inherently limited’ future prospects amid 'devastating realisation'

By Web Desk
October 24, 2021

Experts recently weighed in on the realities of Prince George’s ‘inherently limited’ future prospects following 'devastating realisation'.

This claim has been made by royal expert Daniela Elser and in her new piece for she admitted that there is “no question” about the prince’s future since “From birth, he has been doomed to have very, very little control over how his life will play out.”

“The fact that this little boy is now, or will be soon, burdened with the knowledge that his future is inherently limited and bound by responsibility makes me tremendously sad.”

She also went on to say that following his realization Prince George will be made to ‘obediently’ follow the path his father and grandfather laid out for him.

From university to the military and then “decades of dutifully biding his time to assume a job he might not want and no one ever consulted him about.”