Friday December 03, 2021

Here's how Malaika Arora stays 'unaffected' by trolls

Malaika Arora has 'built this shield to protect her' from the criticism and trolling.

By Web Desk
October 23, 2021
Heres how Malaika Arora stays unaffected by trolls
Here's how Malaika Arora stays 'unaffected' by trolls

Bollywood celebrities often get showered with love and appreciation. On the flip side, judgment and criticism never leave them alone.

Malaika Arora who is not exception to this phenomenon, has  found her shield to remain ‘unaffected’ by trolling.

In her chat with Hindustan Times, the Dabangg actor shared that, “I’ve been in the public eye for a significant part of my life, which comes with its fair share of criticism. Be it on the work front or the personal one, you’re scrutinized for some decisions.”

“But, I’ve realized the importance of being unapologetic about your life and your decisions,” she said.

The 48-year-old diva also expressed that instead of giving much attention to the hate-filled comments, she  prioritizes  maintaining a strong mentality.

The Balma performer  said, “I don’t pay any attention to negative comments or trolls. Over the years, I’ve realized that not letting these unnecessary trolls get to you is the best way to be.”

“I’ve chosen my own well-being and happiness over anybody’s opinion about me. I have always been open-minded and non-judgmental,” added the actor.

The mother of one also said that sometimes she gets vocal about  the criticism however, mostly she remains “unaffected”.

Arora revealed that, “I’ve built this shield to protect me and my family which keeps me going. I’m more certain about keeping my sanity than to waste it on something unsubstantial.”