Monday November 29, 2021

Royal aides issued strict warning over Queen’s workload: source

Royal aides and workers have been given strict guidelines against ‘overstretching’ the Queen

By Web Desk
October 21, 2021

Royal aides recently were issued guidelines regarding Queen’s overstretched workload amid rumors of her ailing health.

This news has been brought to light shortly after news of the Queen using a walking stick shocked royal fans.

Royal aides issued strict warning over Queen’s workload: source

The revelations have been made by Hugo Vickers, the man in charge of planning the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

During his interview with the Times, he began by noting the rules against ‘overstretching’ the Queen’s workload and admitted, “They are sometimes quite good at pacing things by changing things here and there, which makes things easier for her, but I am afraid I don’t think they are always as thoughtful as they should be.”

Even a separate source revealed that there’s been dissension regarding the Queen’s elaborate agenda.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace also admitted this Wednesday, “The Queen has reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days.”

“Her Majesty is in good spirits and is disappointed that she will no longer be able to visit Northern Ireland, where she had been due to undertake a series of engagements today and tomorrow.”

“The Queen sends her warmest good wishes to the people of Northern Ireland and looks forward to visiting in the future.”