Thursday October 28, 2021

MI5 bugged phones in Buckingham Palace to avoid dangerous ‘coup’ against royal lineage

MI5 bugged Buckingham Palace in a desperate attempt to thwart a coup d’état against the royal lineage

By Web Desk
October 09, 2021

MI5 reportedly bugged all the phones in Buckingham Palace to avoid a crisis from happening to the royal family.

Royal author and historian, Professor Richard J. Aldrich brought this claim forward during an interview with Royal Beat presenter Kate Thornton.

During the course of his interview, he was quoted saying, “What's fascinating about the Windsor's is they were given security and the security was protecting them, watching them and also listening to them.”

“MI5 were bugging the phones of Buckingham Palace during the abdication, it was remarkable.”

“It's still very controversial, actually MI5 initially said no we aren't doing this, this is political, but they were eventually forced to do it.”

“It had an effect, because around Edward VIII were a bunch of conspirators, Beaverbrook, Churchill, and they knew the phone was being tapped.”

“It was because the Prime Minister feared a coup by people close to Edward, and those people were intimidated and deterred by the fact that they knew that MI5 were tapping the phones.”