Monday October 25, 2021

Experts analyze Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s US popularity: report

Experts analyze the traction Prince Harry, Meghan Markle garnered from their New York city visit

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October 07, 2021

Experts recently analyzed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s US-based traction in a recent appearance.

This claim has been made by royal expert Russell Myers and during his appearance on the Pod Save the Queen podcast he analyzed some of the ongoing US traction.

He was also quoted saying, “I was really interested in what traction this got in the States and the only thing I've seen that was banding around Twitter was the New York Post taking a swipe at them for rolling up in town in a load of gas-guzzling vehicles, big old security detail.”

“I don't think it did get a lot of traction in the United States. I'm not too sure, obviously, there is an audience for them and we are covering it, I don't know necessarily whether they are as adored in the United States as we were first thinking.

Before concluding he added, “Certainly, they do have potentially a lot more supporters in the States than here.”

For those unversed, the couple is currently suffering through a major popularity decline from the UK. They currently stand at an approval rating of 32% and are ranked as the 13% and 14% most popular royal family members according to YouGov polls.