Thursday December 09, 2021

Prince William, Harry branded ‘totally different characters’ over changes in upbringings

Prince William dubbed ‘completely different’ characters over differences in upbringing

By Web Desk
October 04, 2021

Prince William and Prince Harry recently got dubbed “very different characters” due to contrasting changes in upbringing.

This observation has been brought to light by royal author and publisher Andrew Lownie.

The historian commented on the changes and admitted to Express, “They’re two very different characters even though they’ve had the same upbringing.”

He also went on to dub the brothers as two sides of a coin, in the same way as King Edward VI, the Duke of Windsor who abdicated and was succeeded by his brother, George VI, who’s nicknamed Bertie.

Mr Lownie also added, “There is always this tension between the dutiful royals and the rogue royals.”

“Bertie stepped up to the mark for the Duke of Windsor when he was younger, and William is having to shoulder everything for Harry.”

However, in the past “The lesson was that if you leave the Royal Family you are going to be completely shut out and frozen and it’s not a good move.”

“There are people who have stepped down from royal duties. We’ve some more minor figures like the Duchess of Kent and people like that.”