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BTS claims ‘Album of The Year’ win at Golden Disc Awards

BTS takes home the ‘Album of The Year’ award during the Golden Disc ceremony

By Web Desk
January 12, 2021

BTS recently took home another win at the Golden Disc awards and left ARMYs in a celebratory frenzy, for the fourth year in a row.

During their acceptance speech the boys explained, “The seven of us have gathered for this big awards ceremony, so let’s do a proper greeting. ARMY, you’re watching, right? Once again, we have started off the new year with such a big award at this amazing ceremony. I’m happiest that we could receive this award with Suga by our side.”

Even Suga joined in during the speech and added at the time, “Even as the music and concert industries stagnate due to COVID-19, I am honored and grateful that people showed so much love for our album. In essence, we were able to promote our album, but we weren’t able to hold concerts. I hope that the time will arrive when we can perform our album ‘[Map of the Soul:] 7’ in a concert.”

Following suit V claimed, “It’s hard to speak in a place without ARMY in the audience, but I believe that you’re watching on TV. I love you, ARMY, and thank you for giving us such endless love and this amazing award.”

J-Hope on the other hand was sulkier, for he went on to say “I think there’s a deep sorrow that we weren’t able to show our performances in person. I really want to show them when the situation improves. To ARMY all over the world, I hope that you can have a bright year like my hair color. You worked hard in 2020.”