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Eagle-eyed fans spot BTS J-Hope’s crush in computer wallpaper

BTS’s J-Hope unveils his celebrity crush once more and ARMYs are frenzied over his fan boy attitude

By Web Desk
December 03, 2020

BTS’s J-Hope is a massive fan of an American singer and ARMYs can’t get enough of his adorable fan boying.

It all began after J-Hope posted a video of himself jamming out to Suga’s new mixtape.

While the supporting nod to his fellow bandmaster was already enough to get fans weak in the knees, it all got lost in his fan boy cursh for an American singer who ARMY's quickly discovered, was named Tinashe.

His love for Tinashe is so great that, at times, J-Hope minimizes and sets his computer tabs in such a way that her image continues to peek through, no matter what he is working on.

Check it out below: