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'Casino Royale' crowned the best James Bond film of all time

'Casino Royale' has beaten Pierce Brosnan's 'GoldenEye' to become the best James Bond film of all time

By Web Desk
April 16, 2020

'Casino Royale' has been voted the best James Bond film of all time, beating Pierce Brosnan's 'GoldenEye'.

Daniel Craig's first role in the tux, from 2006, scooped the most votes in a poll set up by IMDb, while  Pierce Brosnan's 'GoldenEye' stood second.

In fact, with 'Casino Royale' and 'GoldenEye' as the two finalists, Royale won by a convincing 70.8% to 29.2%, with nearly 4,500 votes being cast.

Classic Bond instalments 'Goldfinger' and 'Dr. No' were beaten to the final by the more recent movies in the polling.

'Casino Royale' was the third adaptation of Ian Fleming's 1953 novel in the 007 series, helmed by Martin Campbell.

Many hailed it as a return to form, dispensing with the excessive gadgetry of previous movies and focussing more on plot.

It found Bond head-to-head with Mads Mikkelsen's Le Chiffre, banker to terrorist cells and high-stakes poker enthusiast.

The movie also introduced Eva Green's Vesper Lynd, the treasury agent who Bond falls for.

Lynd's death in the movie is said to have echoes in the forthcoming 25th film, 'No Time To Die', Craig's last as 007, due out in November.

It finds Bond coming out of retirement to take on the case of a missing scientist, before tussling with Rami Malek’s new villain, Safin.