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Harry and Meghan Markle acting like 'spoilt, self-centered' teenagers, says royal biographer

Royal biographer Angela Levin has lambasted Harry and Meghan Markle, calling them ‘self-centered’

By Web Desk
April 01, 2020
Royal biographer Angela Levin has lambasted Harry and Meghan Markle, calling them ‘self-centered’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no strangers to negative press and after their exit from the royal family, things seem to only be escalating.

Royal biographer Angela Levin has lambasted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, calling them ‘self-centered’ and ‘defiant.’

Writing for UK’s Tatler magazine, Levin said: “Their choice of priorities smacks more of spoilt defiant teenagers than adults in their mid and late thirties.”

“I see a Harry who has turned sour, callous even and is obviously stressed. Although I barely recognize him I still believe that internally he is tearing himself into shreds about leaving his family, his country and his military connections,” she added.

“Perhaps he copes by focusing on his resentment at allegedly being sidelined by his family,” she continued.

She further drew a comparison of Harry now and how he was in 2017 when he had accompanied her on engagements for research purposes of his biography. She termed him “charismatic, intuitive and quick-witted but also restless and troubled.”

“It is profoundly sad but true that with each week that passes Harry and Meghan’s behavior is becoming increasingly self-centered,” she added.

She said further that she had hoped for the couple to make the departure in a more ‘dignified’ way but they chose to step down during testing times of the coronavirus and decided to send shockwaves by relocating to Los Angeles.

She further said that it is difficult for her to imagine that Harry would choose the celebrity life over his family.

“It would have been inconceivable for the Harry I met to quit a Commonwealth country and move even further away from his family in the midst of an emotional, royal and national crisis.”

Citing her past conversation with Harry, she said: “He told me: ‘We (William and Harry) don’t want to be just a bunch of celebrities but instead use our role for good.’”