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Joel Dommett reveals sweet inspiration behind son's name

Joel Dommett welcomed his son Wilde in September 2023

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June 24, 2024
Joel Dommett reveals romantic story behind baby boys name
Joel Dommett reveals romantic story behind baby boy's name

Joel Dommett recently revealed the romantic story behind his baby boy's name.

The Survivor host, who welcomed his first son Wilde in September 2023 with his wife Hannah Cooper, talked about managing his roles as a father, presenter, and a stand-up comedian.

Speaking of his son Wilde to Hello Magazine, the 39-year-old TV star said that the couple got married in a hotel in My Konos in Greece, called The Wild, which became the inspiration behind their child's name.

He said while they were looking for suitable names for their unborn son, Hannah quickly came up with the suggestion.

She quipped: "What do you think of the name Wilde?"

The TV presenter, who intended on getting a tattoo that said 'wild,' responded: "What, as in the hotel?"

To which, Hannah responded: "Yeah."

The Masked Singer alum, who seemed to have mastered fatherhood, explained that since his wife is Dutch and the name has similar connotations, it made sense to Hannah.

He added: "Now we're just grateful that we didn’t get married in a Travelodge and have a baby called Trav."

In addition, Joel expressed his love for the little one, adding: "I didn’t even know this love existed, the amount of love I feel for this child."