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Kate Middleton 'nervous' about dramatic return as King Charles shows signs of disappointment

Kate was accompanied by her husband Prince William and their children

By Web Desk
June 17, 2024

Kate Middleton likely experienced "nervousness" at the Trooping the Colour, but was "happy" to return to two things she's missed while undergoing cancer treatment.

According to former Royal butler and commentator Grant Harrold, Kate might have felt anxious making her first public appearance since her cancer battle was revealed.

The 42-year-old Duchess turned heads upon arrival, accompanied by her husband Prince William and their children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 

For her grand return to public duties, Kate was elegantly dressed in a Jenny Packham dress, complemented by a Philip Treacy hat and the Irish Guards Regimental Brooch, symbolizing her status as the regiment's Colonel.

Mr Harrold said: "Kate will be happy to be back in the public eye. She's always taken her Royal duties very seriously and she carries them out with such confidence too. I'm sure she's been wanting to engage with the public and fulfil her duties, so the thought of getting back out there today, she'll no doubt be pleased about.

"It's certainly a big moment for her, and her family, and there's bound to be an element of nervousness felt among them all - Kate especially. I do think as pleased as she'll be to be back out there, she'll also be feeling cautious too. 

"Hopefully, there won't be any setbacks and it's great to see her doing her first public outing. The reception she's had from the public and the crowds gathered has been amazing, seeing her alongside the Royals again clearly means a lot to the public and knowing Kate, it will mean a lot to her too."

Mr Harrold also told OK! magazine that he felt King Charles showed signs of "disappointment", despite being the centre of public affection. The King, who faced a cancer diagnosis in February, chose not to ride on horseback at the event, breaking with his usual tradition.

Grant explained that his decision would have been tough for Charles, saying: "I think Charles will be slightly disappointed that he's not on horseback as it's something he's always done over the years. We should mention that the Queen in 1986, when she was 60 years old, reverted from being on horseback to going in a carriage.

"The King is now 75, so he's considerably older than the Queen was when the change was made with her - whether this is a normal move and intentional because of his age is quite possible, but he's very traditional."

"Kings in the past were always on horseback, so I can imagine Charles would have wanted to follow suit - we may see him switch back to horseback as a result in the coming years, time will tell. Charles won't be feeling nervous for today's events, he's used to these types of events and he doesn't ever really get nervous in these situations."