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Steven Moffat slams cancel culture ahead of 'Douglas Is Cancelled' release

Douglas Is Cancelled is set to begin on ITV starting June 27, 2024

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June 17, 2024
Steven Moffat expresses rage at cancel culture
Steven Moffat expresses rage at cancel culture

Steven Moffat recently expressed his rage at cancel culture ahead of the release of the upcoming ITV drama Douglas Is Cancelled.

The series, which originally revolves around a newsreader whose life takes a down-turn following his distasteful joke at a private wedding ceremony, is set to begin on the same platform on June 27.

Moffat, who is known for his work alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on notable projects, including Sherlock, opened up about cancel culture over centuries.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Times, he claimed: "(Cancel culture) is thousands of years old. Socrates got cancelled, Jesus of Nazareth got cancelled … and we're all hypocrites."

Explaining his stance on the subject, Moffat highlighted that the cancellation-process happens to the best of people.

He continued: "We're outraged when someone who thinks the way we do is cancelled, but we're perfectly happy to cancel someone else."

"But cancellation only works on people who are capable of shame and wish to be well thought of. In other words, it only really works on quite good people."

In addition, the actor said that the mechanism doesn't work on people with low virtue.

"It's a smart bomb that can only take out people who at least aspire to virtue: you can’t cancel Hitler, you can’t cancel Donald Trump — you can't, and they won't care," he concluded.