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Countryfile's Adam Henson's 'unusual' appearance sparks concern

BBC’s Countryfile fans expressed their concern over Adam Henson’s 'unusual' appearance

By Web Desk
April 01, 2024
Adam Hensons appearance sparks concerns
Adam Henson's appearance sparks concerns

BBC’s Countryfile fans recently expressed their concern over Adam Henson’s “unusual” appearance, claiming that there’s something different about the author’s face.

The latest episode featured Margherita Taylor and Matt Baker, exploring the Trent Valley.

Meanwhile, Adam Henson opened up about a deadly livestock disease, hitting farms all over the country.

Speaking on the subject, he explained: "The Schmallenberg virus spread by midges has been found across British farms."

"It can affect several livestock species, including sheep, cattle, and goats, and has devastating consequences for pregnancies in the animals, causing fetal deformities and stillbirths."

Countryfiles Adam Hensons unusual appearance sparks concern

However, viewers spotted a noticeable change in Henson’s appearance, as they saw a mark on his face.

Fans took to social media to express their concerns for the TV presenter.

One fan curiously asked about the "apparent" change, noting: "@BBCCountryfile I missed the start of today's programme what has poor Adam done to his face?"

While another chimed in, adding: "Has Adam been kicked in the face by a rare breed #Countryfile."

A third commented: "Adam looks like he's developed a birthmark on his right cheek since his last appearance!"

On a professional front, the Gloucestershire-based farmer released his second children’s book Curious Questions from Adam’s Farm, earlier in March.