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Inside Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip 'resentful' marriage

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip reportedly had their issues in their marriage

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November 20, 2023
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeths marriage reportedly faced its own ups and downs
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth's marriage reportedly faced its own ups and downs

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s marriage was reportedly marred by ‘resentment’ from the late Duke of Edinburgh’s side.

According to royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, while speaking to Daily Star, the late monarch's marriage saw only a 'brief' period of happiness which later changed into negative feelings.

"[The Queen] found personal happiness with the penurious foreign prince whom she had met at Dartmouth on the eve of war in 1939. She had since had eyes for no one else.

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"The period Philip and Elizabeth spent in Malta, when he was serving in the navy, was one of the happiest periods of their lives together, but it was sadly brief."

The expert noted that because the monarch kept her duty first and foremost, it meant that Prince Philip had to live his life in Queen Elizabeth's shadow. 

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"The Queen always put duty first and handled her role impeccably," he said. 

"This, however, meant Philip could not give his name to his children which he deeply resented and had to move into Buckingham Palace against his wishes. [He also] had to create his own role as he was not allowed to see state papers."