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Bryan Fuller faces harassment accusations during Queer Horror Docuseries production

Bryan Fuller is at the center of controversy over alleged misconduct during filming

By Web Desk
October 06, 2023
Bryan Fuller is accused of sexual harassment while filming.
Bryan Fuller is accused of sexual harassment while filming.

Bryan Fuller, known for his work on hit show Hannibal, found himself under hot wateras disturbing allegations of sexual harassment emerged in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday. 

The lawsuit alleges that Fuller engaged in troubling behavior towards a fellow producer on an AMC docuseries focused on queer horror.

Fuller is accused of creating a hostile work environment through actions that included incessant references to ma*turbation and casual bullying. 

The plaintiff, Sam Wineman, who is also openly gay, further alleges that Fuller repeatedly subjected him to an uncomfortable practice where he would hold him from behind to "crack his back," during which Fuller would press his genitals against Wineman's buttocks.

Explosive details have emerged from the lawsuit filed by Sam Wineman, who alleges disturbing behavior by Bryan Fuller during their collaboration on a docuseries project. 

According to the lawsuit, Wineman claims that he was removed from the project in August 2021, approximately four weeks after he voiced concerns about Fuller's conduct.

Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that Fuller left inappropriate items, such as lubricant and used tissues, on Wineman's desk to send a distressing message.

In addition to these deeply concerning allegations, Fuller is accused of engaging in bullying behavior towards Wineman, disparaging his character with comments like "weak," "lacking charisma," and "drier than NPR."

Executive producers on the project purportedly shielded Fuller from the consequences of his actions, justifying their inaction by stating that he was "the money" and that keeping him happy was a priority.