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Angelina Jolie believes custody case judge ‘biased’ towards Brad Pitt: Here’s why

Angelina Jolie urges Californian governor to support law for children and against abusive parent

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October 05, 2023

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Angelina Jolie is not satisfied with the custody case as she believed that the judge was “biased” toward her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

In a two-page letter dated September 29, the Tomb Raider star has requested governor of California Gavin Newsom to back Piqui’s Law.

According to the bill, children would be blocked to go into “reunification camps”, which compelled them to live with their “abusive parent”.

The bill would also launch domestic violence training programs for judicial officers and mediators to help comprehend the effect of child abuse and trauma.

Angelina wrote in a bill, “You will be aware that Piqui's Law derives its name from a five-year-old boy who suffered a tragic fate, killed by his father in April of 2017.”

“Piqui's mother, Ana Estevez, fought unsuccessfully within the California family court to secure protection for her child,” it read.

Angelina further said, “Over the past six years, Ana has collaborated with California legislators to ensure that authorities do not overlook or dismiss the signs of abuse, signs that tragically result in harm and death for numerous children in our country.”

Angelina Jolie believes custody case judge ‘biased’ towards Brad Pitt: Here’s why

A source close to the actress told DailyMail, the actress is forcing for the law regulation after her experience with LA judge John Ouderkirk as he did not allow children to testify about domestic violence they suffered at the hands of their father.

It is worth mentioning that John officiated Angelina and Brad’s wedding and he directed that the former couple should maintain even-split custody of their children.

The actress challenged John’s “tentative custody decision” as she later filed a petition in the appellate court to remove judge from the case. He was then disqualified in July 2021.

“She has been fighting privately for her family and publicly for other families for years,” added the source.

Meanwhile, a source related to Brad told New York Post that Angelina “is trying to misrepresent the truth and harm the reputation of those who testified against her”.