Monday December 11, 2023

Prince William ‘no longer angry’ at Prince Harry amid royal rift

Prince William and Prince Harry have been estranged amid a royal feud

By Web Desk
September 29, 2023

Prince William’s anger towards his brother Prince Harry has ‘dissipated’ as he begins to move on from the royal rift.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are now using a different strategy with the Harry and Meghan situation and just waiting for them to self-sabotage, per Daily Mirror’s Associate Editor Russell Myers, who told Sky News.

Myers suggested that Harry’s statements are getting “tiresome” as William and Kate are also tired of the same narrative. “I think we have seen them had a lot to deal with, they’ve taken the tact of not saying anything and just let Harry and Meghan rise to the sun and burn out,” he continued.

“Because how much more can they say, how much more damage can they do? And I think there’s been a sort of rowing back of opinion on them.”

Prince William ‘no longer angry’ at Prince Harry amid royal rift

The Palace and the royal family have been going through a shift, and given the old age of the King, William and Kate will have to be taking on the “mantle” for many royal affairs.

Myers quoted Palace insider who revealed that the ‘mood music’ has shifted from disappointment and anger to just wanting to “leave Harry and Meghan behind and get on with their job.”

Per the royal, things are moving slower than the Prince and Princess of Wales would have wished for but he believed there will be “more activity certainly in the next few months.”

He added, “But in terms of Harry and Meghan, we’re not going to hear from the horse’s mouth.”