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Kylie Jenner 'changing herself' for new beau Timothée Chalamet?

Kylie Jenner confirms her romance with Timothée Chalamet at US open in NYC

By Web Desk
September 24, 2023

Kylie Jenner's critics and some fans bombarding her for "changing everything about herself" for her new beau Timothée Chalamet.

When it became known that reality television actress Kylie, 26, and Hollywood actor Timothee, 27, might be dating, rumours about their relationship were prevalent. Then, when they couldn't keep their hands off one other during a Beyoncé event in Los Angeles, the duo appeared to confirm their connection when they were captured kissing.

Finally, the reported couple was later seen kissing while watching the Men's Singles Final at the US Open in New York earlier this month. Fans believe Kylie is now changing her characteristic appearance to appease her new partner, though.

On Reddit, one fan posted a picture of Kylie Jenner in the front row of the Dolce&Gabbana fashion show during Milan Fashion Week.

The reality star appeared extremely different from how she typically does, with a more subdued and toned-down appearance overall.

However, for the D&G event, Kylie wore an unusual monochrome outfit with natural makeup and her hair slicked back and up into an updo, which was a far cry from her characteristic style and look.

“Just like Kim and Kourtney, It’s Kylie’s turn to change everything about herself to please her new love interest.”

Another one chimed in, noting, “She trying to become a new ''fashion icon'' by letting ''her man'' dress her, like Kanye did for Kim?”

While another added: “Yeah lol I think Kylie's trying to look Euro cool." While a third challenged Kylie's new love interest when they penned: "What love interest?! That relationship screams PR. I see zero chemistry there.”