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Prince Harry’s ironic move amid ‘breach of trust’ with royal family laid bare

Prince Harry is set to enter the witness box this week in the first of the six cases running in the London High Court.

By Web Desk
June 06, 2023
Prince Harry’s ironic move amid ‘breach of trust’ with royal family laid bare
Prince Harry’s ironic move amid ‘breach of trust’ with royal family laid bare

While Prince Harry is fighting for his right of privacy and suing British tabloids for breach of trust in lawsuits, the royal himself has a lot to be held accountable for.

In her comment piece for, royal expert Daniela Elser claimed that Harry has posed a ‘laughable claim’ amid his ongoing lawsuits.

The expert said that one phrase revealed the irony of the situation that is put forward by the Duke.

Harry attorney claimed that the rift between Harry and his brother Prince William ‘dated back to 2003 when it was reported the men had disagreed on whether to meet their late mother’s former butler, Paul Burrell.’

“Even at this very early formative stage the seeds of discord between these two brothers are starting to be sown,” Sherborne told the court. “Brothers can sometimes disagree but once it is made public in this way and their inside feelings revealed in the way that they are, trust begins to be eroded.”

At this statement, Elser pointed that while brothers do disagree, they do not “write a 400-plus page tell-all that casts the other brother as the villain of the piece.”

She added, “Most brothers don’t traduce their family’s privacy again and again in the name of moolah. Most brothers don’t make a multi-part TV series about their family feuding or give interviews in which they call their stepmother ‘dangerous’ and that she had ‘left bodies in the street’ in her journey to being Queen.”

Elser claimed that Harry, in ‘pointing the finger’ at the press for “eroding the trust” between the duke and his family, “accepted tens of millions of dollars to breach the trust of his own family, is more than a bit rich.”

Currently, the Duke of Sussex is involved in court cases against three separate UK publishers including Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), owner of the Daily Mail, News Group Newspapers (NGN), owner of The Sun and the long-shuttered News of the World, and Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN). (NGN is owned by the same parent company as News Corp Australia, publisher of this masthead).