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King Charles’ social media fail is ‘inexcusable’ amid ‘historic ties to slavery’

In a bid to connect with a larger audience, King Charles seemingly missed the mark with his recent attempt to crack social media.

By Web Desk
June 05, 2023

King Charles is struggling to keep up the image of the monarchy as his social media strategy seems to fail miserably.

The monarch missed a mark with his recent post on social media which featured a three-minute-long video of different groups from across the commonwealth singing a cover of Steve Winwood’s 80s classic Higher Love.

Royal expert, Daniela Elser branded the attempt as a ‘horrible throwback’ to colonialism as the royal family failed to learn from their past mistakes.

“How the hell has the royal family not learned by now? How the hell are they still getting it so wrong when it comes to race and the ghosts of empire and colonialism?” lamented Elser.

“Has anything at all changed in the last 20 years since Prince Philip asked an Aboriginal leader in 2002, ‘Do you still throw spears at each other?’”

Elser noted that despite the family feud the monarch has with his younger son, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, Charles has bigger problems to deal with.

“Lurking in the background is a much more serious issue that Charles and co. seem unable to handle: The monarchy’s historic ties to slavery and the centuries the British spent pootling off to nick entire nations and extract as much wealth as they could, never mind the human rights atrocities they committed in the process,” she explained.

Of the situation, Elser surmised that the newly crowned king’s handling of this situation has proven to be spectacularly lacking.”

She also cited the tone-deaf trip of Prince William and Kate Middleton Caribbean tour that had “their absolute obliviousness was put on painful display.”

Elser pointed out that the entire royal family has “no bloody idea where to start when it comes to the tangled, complicated skein of empire, slavery and the crown.”

She surmised, “This is not easy or simple territory but given they have highly experienced advisers and can summon a hot and cold running stream of Whitehall mandarins to help them, their failure on this front is inexcusable.”